Bride Questionnaire and Style Profile

Bride Questionnaire and Style Profile 
Wedding Date
If the venue is at someones home, please describe the setting. ie, Country Setting, Modern, Classic, etc.
What's your current dress size.
How tall are you?
In at least 3 keywords, how would you describe your desired bridal look on your wedding day? (i.e. Bohemian, retro, classic, sexy, whimsical, etc.)  
Our dresses start at $1,200 and top out at $3,000.
Do you prefer any specific materials or fabrics? 
What type of dress silhouette(s) appeal to you?  *
Do you have a specific style of top (bodice) you prefer?  *
Do I need to include Bridesmaid Dresses?
Would you like more information on including some of our other mobile services?
In order for me to get to know what your personal style is like on a daily basis, please provide me with your favorite social media profile (i.e. Facebook or Instagram) and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@perfectdressparty)! Feel free to share photos of dresses you have found on your online searches through social media or directly to my email: